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LGBTQ+ Aware

LGBTQ+ Aware Practice – Equity for ALL

As a Practice we recognise that all areas of the health system should be more LGBTQ+ aware, and as such we are actively taking steps to ensure all our patients have an empathic and quality experience regardless of race, age, gender or sexual orientation. We can only do this by listening to our patients and understanding their needs. 

Our intent is to continue to invest in staff training and guidance to raise awareness and understanding of some of the challenges experienced and regularly faced by those who are LGBT which often includes feeling isolated and marginalised in society which can in turn lead to certain health inequalities. 

By understanding the potential impact these factors can have on people’s mental and physical health we are better placed to be able to signpost and support people that may sometimes feel overlooked. However, it is important to recognise that everyone’s needs are different and therefore patients are given individualised and personalised care depending on their situation. 

Social prescribing has been a helpful addition to the services that we provide for patients and to promote self-care and give people an opportunity to connect with organisations or services that many are unaware of. 

As a learning organisation, we understand the importance of growing our team to invest in broader knowledge and developing greater appreciation of individuality including the needs of our patients who identify as LGBT in order to make them feel safe, secure, and able to speak openly with the confidence that we are here to help and to be unbiased. 

We have noticed that by wearing our lanyards with the LGBT colours we have started many conversations with LGBT patients across the Practice group that we might not have had before. In addition, we display our non-discrimination policies, confidentiality statement, equality and diversity statement and zero tolerance statement. 

Working with the team we will continue to grow our organisation with pride to identify the needs of our LGBT patients and ensure equity of services for ALL and that each contact with the Practice is a positive experience. 

Sharon Hogarth