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Learning Disability and Autism

Our Philosophy of Care for Learning Difficulties

We aim to promote good health through a commitment to enhancing our LD awareness and clinical skills, improved communication, closer caseload management as well as effective use of resources and liaison with other agencies.

Our staff will work together as a team together with our LD patients, their families and carer(s) so that we can provide the best individualised care, whilst maintaining their dignity, privacy and freedom of choice.

This aim will be achieved by using good communication skills, able to encourage, where possible, independence for the patient.

Our practice aims to offer an honest, friendly and open environment giving support to patients, families, carers and professionals in the surgeries pursuit to provide the best possible quality of care and access.

Forum Information

If you are interested in attending regular meetings in the surgery to discuss any issues relating to our learning disability policy, appointment process or any other issues please let us know.

Thank you

Michelle Webb